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PHP, XML and encoding

Not until I tried to parse an RSS feed encoded in GB2312 did I realize how painful it is to deal with encoding in PHP. It began with the xml_parser_create function, which is as awkward as it is clever at … Continue reading

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Splendor in void 空虚的辉煌

牢骚   Texts in webpages shape thoughts in mind. This is how they get fooled. The web has its own way of expressing but the problem is: what to express? Content control is one of the most noticeable problem of the web. … Continue reading

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More on Number, int and uint in AS3

Shortly after the release of Flex 2, I noticed the discussion about Number, int and uint in AS3. While Macromedia is proud of the new primitive types int and uint, there are different voices.   What Macromedia says in ActionScript … Continue reading

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