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Microsoft visits UESTC

Arrix: So here comes Microsoft again~ —————————————————- Microsoft has been visiting universities in China these days. Elites from MSRA and ATC gave speeches at UESTC last night(2005-9-27). This event had kept us MSTC members as busy as a bee for almost one … Continue reading

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Ken’s bunny and great experiments

Ken Perlin is an graphics expert at google. I first knew about him from his bunny applet as an easter egg for google. What makes an expert different from an ordinary guy is the way of thinking. Maybe you cannot … Continue reading

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Rules of the nature are simple indeed. But when you look into the world, when you try to figure out the interrelationship of things, when you attempt to draw an outline of the state of being, you unavoidably run into … Continue reading

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Flash Earth

See anywhere in the world using satellite images from Google Maps or MSN Virtual Earth. Have you tried the Google earth? What do you think of it? As far as I am concerned, the desktop version of google earth is … Continue reading

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Must Read Flash 8 / Studio 8 Links

Must Read Flash 8 / Studio 8 Links What’s New in Flash Professional 8The lesser-known new features of Flash Professional 8 (Part 1)Flash Professional 8 Feature TourUsing Flash Player 8 Features in Your Flex 1.5 ApplicationAlpha masking goodness in Flash … Continue reading

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Easter Eggs in Macromedia Studio 8

  Easter Eggs in Macromedia Studio 8 The newly released Macromedia Studio 8 comes to us not only with a bundle of nice new features but also lovely new easter eggs. Flash 8 Credits in billiard ball No.8 Open the Flash 8 … Continue reading

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A Grain of Sand

From now on, I will sometimes post english articles or poems that are really beautifully written. I hope this can be helpful to all of us learning English: )   A Grain of Sand William BlakeTo see a world in … Continue reading

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Microsoft adheres to web standards?

– Hey, Arrix!  What joke are you telling? Can’t you remember the number one standards breaker namely IE? – Listen, it’s impossible to forget all the painful time spent on the buggy IE to get a desired page display.   And I … Continue reading

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The Microsoft Summer Camp 2005

Aug 23th – Aug 27th Beijing Sigma Microsoft Research Asia Microsoft Advanced Technology Center   Special thanks to MSUR ——————————— Coming soon…

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  测试环境:Flex Builder 1.5 英文版   在默认设置下,如果一个网页文件文件没有指定encoding,在Dreamweaver中打开时中文会出现乱码。 解决方法: 首先最好的办法是指定encoding <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=gb2312" /> 当然不是所有时候都可以指定,例如当你编辑tpl时,可能只是完整网页的一部分。   如果你打开的是一个网页,点击Properties面板里的Page Properties,选Title/Encoding,把Encoding设为简体中文(GB2312),点击右边的Reload。 但对于JavaScript文档,没有提供Page Properties选项。   Preferences -> New Document -> Default Encoding选成简体中文(GB2312),并选中下面的Use when opending existing files that don’t specify an encoding复选框。重新打开你的文档即可。

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