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每次认真用flash做东西,总能发现一两个bug。 我把一切实际表现和文档不符合的东西统归为bug,不管内部是怎么实现的。 怎么跟人承诺的就应该怎么做,谁有无尽的时间去track down那些bug? 不过终究还是感谢MM工程师的辛苦工作!大师说programming itself is debugging。 这次是DataSet,调next()方法移至最后一项后,hasNext()仍然返回true,再调一次next()才能让hasNext()返回false。匆忙地提一下,还有待进一步证实! 希望bug越来越少,这样大家的日子越来越好过。 当然,如果有一天bug不复存在,我们大家就都失业了! : – )  

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Add a link to Hazart’s space

Hey, Hazart! Where did you get those cool stuffs? From the Tom’s Hardware Guide? You never do things in usual ways!  

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Bug:[Inspectable] and setter property

Using  tags to mark up meta-data is a wonderful idea indeed! In ActionScript 2, the [Instectable] tag is documented to be compatible with  both  member varibles and setter properties. But an issue I ran into recently came up to say … Continue reading

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MSN Space refuses to accept "艺术体操" as my Hobbies and Interests in my personal profile. And the title of this blog entry cannot contain "艺术体操" either! "操" is taken as a "prohibited" word! Funny? Indeed!

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Microsoft AntiSpyware helps purge my System32

Time   Wed Feb 16 21:58:00 GMT+0800 2005 Location  Office Event An inappropriate behaviour of Microsoft AntiSpyware purged my System32 folder of Windows Server 2003 Detail I use G:\temp as my temporary folder, in other words, the TMP and TEMP environment variables … Continue reading

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