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  在一个php文档里,function的定义可以出现在call之前,也可以出现在其后。然而inner function(function 里面定义的function)并不是这样的,必须“先定义,再调用”。 <?php f1(); function f1() { f2(); function f2() { echo ‘f2’; } } ?> ——————– Fatal error: Call to undefined function: f2() in xxx.php on line 5 这样才行 <?php f1(); function f1() { function f2() { … Continue reading

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Yet Another Bug of V2 — ScrollPane doesn’t emit “scroll” event when the content being dragged

  Remember to place super in the correct scope when programing!   Testing environment: 23:51 2005-7-28 Windows Server 2003 sp1 Macromedia Flash Player 7.0  r19 V2 Component ScrollPane   Class mx.containers.ScrollPane   The ScrollPane component has an event named … Continue reading

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PHP session 小结

初学php,自己弄个小结:) Hope it can be helpful!    PHP Session How a session starts? Automatically if session.auto_start is set to 1 Explicitly through session_start() Implicitly through session_register() In your php.ini session.save_path should be set to a valid path, I find sometimes the … Continue reading

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呵呵:) 发个中文的~~   新建三个MovieClip symbol,命名为symbol_inner1、symbol_inner2和symbol_container。symbol_inner1里面画一个100*100的正方形,位置为(0,0)。symbol_inner2里面画一个50*50的正方形,位置为(0,0)。在symbol_container中添加symbol_inner1、symbol_inner2的instance各一个,分别命名为m1和m2,位置均设为(0,0)。回到根舞台,添加symbol_container的instance,命名为m。     下面分别改变三个MovieClip的_width/_height、_xscale/_yscale。测试工具是AcmeWebWorks的AdminTool beta 1.1.1。 将m1的_width改为200,m2的_height改为200,m的_width和_height分别变成了200和200.3(误差)。m的_xscale和_yscale均为原来的100。 将m的_width该为200,看上去m1和m2也跟着变了。但事实上用AS访问,m1和m2的_width和_xscale仍为原来的值!这可是超级大陷阱! 结论 尺寸和scale总是相挂钩,保持一致。 尺寸有可能由误差,因此用if(_width == 200)要注意了! Container MC的尺寸由所有inner MC共同决定,为能包含所有inner MC的最小矩形。 Container MC的尺寸被直接改变后,inner MC的尺寸保持不变!(外面不影响里面) inner MC的尺寸改变后,Container MC会受影响。(里面要影响外面) 另外一个根尺寸有关的陷阱,Luar讲过。 “假設有一個Movie Clip(mc),裡面畫了一個100*100正方形,上面被一個50*50的正方形Mask了。將Movie Clip放在Stage,Info Panel說Movie Clip的寬高度都是50;可惜事與願違,ActionScript卻說Movie Clip的寬高度都是100。這樣毛病使編程人員難以知道Movie Clip是否到達某位置,ActionScript上到了,但視覺上根本未到。我寫了一個地圖Zoom in Zoom out應用程序,一直沒有問題;直到美工用Mask去做Movie Clip,就發生問題,用ActionScript拿不到準確地圖邊緣位置,使移動時會衝過了。這個編程陷阱,害我Debug了兩晚,XYZ!@#。” 原文在<; … Continue reading

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Flash Player8 Public Beta

Macromedia announced a public beta version of Flash Player 8, this pre-release is of version WIN windows).   It can be said for certain that Macromedia has added kind of download and run back door in the Flash Player. … Continue reading

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Final Exams Finished!

By today, July 14th, 2005, I have finished all my final tests of the last semester of my 2nd year in college, which means that I’m no longer a sophomore but a 3rd year student. Oh my dear Lord, how can … Continue reading

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How to view my previous post “About her”?

Thanks for your interest. But the content won’t please you unless… You will see it only if you are an ActionScript fan 🙂 The fun for you may lie in the algorithm anyhow. //ActionScript function decode(src:String):String {  var base64chars:String = … Continue reading

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