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呵呵,被Diana(点到了~   小游戏 以下为规则: 1.由某个blog发起,出一个题目。 2.在自己的blog中完成题目,然后点名另外7个blog完成同样的题目。 3.另外的7个blog完成题目以后再分别点名,依次类推。 4.被点名的blog在完成题目时要注明被哪个blog点名。 5.不可回传,加一条自己出的题。   ♧最近在做的事情: Digital Image Processing, preparing for the coming software contest, planning the next software competition, composing requested technical articles and Soooooo on…   ♧最近在听的音乐: Down by the Sally Gardens,  Anne-Sophie … Continue reading

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Microsoft visits UESTC

Arrix: So here comes Microsoft again~ —————————————————- Microsoft has been visiting universities in China these days. Elites from MSRA and ATC gave speeches at UESTC last night(2005-9-27). This event had kept us MSTC members as busy as a bee for almost one … Continue reading

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Rules of the nature are simple indeed. But when you look into the world, when you try to figure out the interrelationship of things, when you attempt to draw an outline of the state of being, you unavoidably run into … Continue reading

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The Microsoft Summer Camp 2005

Aug 23th – Aug 27th Beijing Sigma Microsoft Research Asia Microsoft Advanced Technology Center   Special thanks to MSUR ——————————— Coming soon…

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The Oracle Tech Day in Chengdu

I had no connection with Oracle before and I don’t know how they got my email address. However, an invitation to Oracle Technology Day Chengdu was delivered. Surprised, I decided to go. The meeting was held at Holiday Inn Crown … Continue reading

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Cool site dkar

John C is a very cool guy! I met John on Aug 12th, the day after my 21th birthday. We sat in QingYang temple and talked about our mutual interest — web design. He told me about his virtual Chengdu … Continue reading

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There is no spoon

The script:Neo watches a little girl levitate wooden alphabet blocks. A skinny BOY holds a SPOON which sways like a blade of grass as he bends it with his hand. Neo crosses to him, sits. The Boy smiles as Neo … Continue reading

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