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Firefox bug? Everything gets displayed

Recently I’ve been playing with Web Standards and Ajax. I noticed an interesting bug (or feature?) of Firefox while digging into the almighty CSS. Environment: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.2; en-US; rv: Gecko/20060308 Firefox/ Windows Server 2003 R2 Description: … Continue reading

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Annoyed by Ajax advocates

We get Web Standard first, and some non-standard stuff later. Congratulations, now we have Web 2.0! Arrix says, "To a certain extend, what Ajax is trying to do is make javascript based webpages Flash-like, which is poorly done at present." … Continue reading

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梦飞移动课表 More on Dreamfly Wireless Mobile Schedule

–This post is not affiliated with Dreamfly Wireless– As mentioned in my earlier post, we are at the point of shipping Mobile Schedule v1.2.1. The new version is enriched with considerate and heartfelt new features. I abandoned previously used data … Continue reading

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梦飞移动课表 Are we going hot?

  I’ve been working on a project codenamed MFKB(梦飞课表) recently. We’ve  shipped MobileSchedule v1.1.2 and v1.2.1 is under intensive test.   What is MFKB?     The product name for MFKB is Dreamfly Mobile Schedule. The application runs on top … Continue reading

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今天被问起“什么是八荣八耻”,结果我略知一二。 为此专门google了下: ———————————————- 以热爱祖国为荣、以危害祖国为耻, 以服务人民为荣、以背离人民为耻, 以崇尚科学为荣、以愚昧无知为耻, 以辛勤劳动为荣、以好逸恶劳为耻, 以团结互助为荣、以损人利己为耻, 以诚实守信为荣、以见利忘义为耻, 以遵纪守法为荣、以违法乱纪为耻, 以艰苦奋斗为荣、以骄奢淫逸为耻; ———————————————- Hyskoy!

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