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Leak Free Event Observation Patch for Prototype

2006-10-24 +8 Update: According to IE 7 vs IE 6, IE 7 seems to have solved the memory leaks. So this patch is not needed for IE7. 2006-09-05 15:33:39 GMT+0800 UPDATE: I found that this patch breaks Event.stopObserving, I’ll update it … Continue reading

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Grab the latest version of prototype.js!

Today I wandered around the prototype svn brower and found some updates committed about a week ago. I ultra compared it with my 2-week-old version. Prototype is starting to play with XPath. getElementByClassName() has been optimized by first trying the XPath approach and … Continue reading

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JavaScript closure and IE memory leak

2006-10-24 +8 Update: According to IE 7 vs IE 6, IE 7 seems to have solved the memory leaks. Cheers! 2006-09-24 +8 Update: See the follow up "Betty: Your umbrella leaks, Professor Boffin!"    —- Look, Listen and Learn IE leaks memory like … Continue reading

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Introducing to Harry

Harry Shum, the computer vision luminary, Managing Director of MSRA, came to my university to give a lecture and demonstrated the latest cool stuffs from research labs. The hall was packed and everyone was excited by the drop-your-jaw demos. After that, Harry with … Continue reading

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Lift the Wings Lyrics

Lift the Wings from Riverdance, one of my favorite pieces. I found this genuine Lisa Kelly version which feels quite different from the Riverdance 1997 version. I’ve edited an .lrc file as follows. Use Minilyrics(freeware) or TTPlayer(also freeware) to view the lyrics synchronously as … Continue reading

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