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More on Number, int and uint in AS3

Shortly after the release of Flex 2, I noticed the discussion about Number, int and uint in AS3. While Macromedia is proud of the new primitive types int and uint, there are different voices.   What Macromedia says in ActionScript … Continue reading

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ActionScript 3.0

Flash Player最早几乎只用于动画播放,对脚本执行的支持是逐渐增强的,发展到AS2时,已经和ECMA262相当一致了。不过AS2是在原来的执行机制上发展起来的,本质上还是AS1。Flash Player 8和Flash 8一起发布,主要是Design方面有加强。而Flash Player 8.5则是针对programming,将和Flex 2.0一起发布。其中包含一个全新的ActionScript虚拟机AVM2用于执行AS3,这个完全重写的引擎从底层进行了优化,因此性能提高非常值得期待。另外完全支持运行时的错误报告,debug大大加强。AS3符合更新的ECMA标准,事实上mm已经是ECMA的成员了。在AS3中的新特性:支持Regex支持E4X更强的类型检查二进制Socket ——————————————————– 2005-10-23 The AS3 is amazing, much more than my expectation. 8ball targets design, then Blaze is sure to improve development. One of my classmate says that Marcromedia has adopted some of … Continue reading

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Must Read Flash 8 / Studio 8 Links

Must Read Flash 8 / Studio 8 Links What’s New in Flash Professional 8The lesser-known new features of Flash Professional 8 (Part 1)Flash Professional 8 Feature TourUsing Flash Player 8 Features in Your Flex 1.5 ApplicationAlpha masking goodness in Flash … Continue reading

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Easter Eggs in Macromedia Studio 8

  Easter Eggs in Macromedia Studio 8 The newly released Macromedia Studio 8 comes to us not only with a bundle of nice new features but also lovely new easter eggs. Flash 8 Credits in billiard ball No.8 Open the Flash 8 … Continue reading

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The announcement of Macromedia Studio 8

I don’t have time writing about it but I can’t press my excitement. So cheers!

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Yet Another Bug of V2 — ScrollPane doesn’t emit “scroll” event when the content being dragged

  Remember to place super in the correct scope when programing!   Testing environment: 23:51 2005-7-28 Windows Server 2003 sp1 Macromedia Flash Player 7.0  r19 V2 Component ScrollPane   Class mx.containers.ScrollPane   The ScrollPane component has an event named … Continue reading

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呵呵:) 发个中文的~~   新建三个MovieClip symbol,命名为symbol_inner1、symbol_inner2和symbol_container。symbol_inner1里面画一个100*100的正方形,位置为(0,0)。symbol_inner2里面画一个50*50的正方形,位置为(0,0)。在symbol_container中添加symbol_inner1、symbol_inner2的instance各一个,分别命名为m1和m2,位置均设为(0,0)。回到根舞台,添加symbol_container的instance,命名为m。     下面分别改变三个MovieClip的_width/_height、_xscale/_yscale。测试工具是AcmeWebWorks的AdminTool beta 1.1.1。 将m1的_width改为200,m2的_height改为200,m的_width和_height分别变成了200和200.3(误差)。m的_xscale和_yscale均为原来的100。 将m的_width该为200,看上去m1和m2也跟着变了。但事实上用AS访问,m1和m2的_width和_xscale仍为原来的值!这可是超级大陷阱! 结论 尺寸和scale总是相挂钩,保持一致。 尺寸有可能由误差,因此用if(_width == 200)要注意了! Container MC的尺寸由所有inner MC共同决定,为能包含所有inner MC的最小矩形。 Container MC的尺寸被直接改变后,inner MC的尺寸保持不变!(外面不影响里面) inner MC的尺寸改变后,Container MC会受影响。(里面要影响外面) 另外一个根尺寸有关的陷阱,Luar讲过。 “假設有一個Movie Clip(mc),裡面畫了一個100*100正方形,上面被一個50*50的正方形Mask了。將Movie Clip放在Stage,Info Panel說Movie Clip的寬高度都是50;可惜事與願違,ActionScript卻說Movie Clip的寬高度都是100。這樣毛病使編程人員難以知道Movie Clip是否到達某位置,ActionScript上到了,但視覺上根本未到。我寫了一個地圖Zoom in Zoom out應用程序,一直沒有問題;直到美工用Mask去做Movie Clip,就發生問題,用ActionScript拿不到準確地圖邊緣位置,使移動時會衝過了。這個編程陷阱,害我Debug了兩晚,XYZ!@#。” 原文在<; … Continue reading

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