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A promise has been made

Remember this day — 2005-6-28 A promise has been made. That’s a promise which may never come true. But I just wait…and be myself. _____________________ Someone wonders Why this world? Why sufferances and miseries? Why torture a little humble human? How tough must one be … Continue reading

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The delectable Flash Platform

Macromedia is the software company I like most. I would be glad to be an employee of Macromedia(now unfortunately and evilly Adobe) while detesting working for big potatos like Microsoft and IBM. Today I’m so glad to find Macromedia taking … Continue reading

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用一张表存贮树形结构/Tree Structure in a Table

一看图便知,这是要表示树形结构。这是数据库设计中的一个基本技法。 我在数据库设计方面确实缺乏经验。微软Duwamish7数据库中的这个表,用IsLeaf来标识叶子,省得用循环来判断是否还有子节点,大大提高效率。想起我以前写的一个类似的……真是惭愧*_* 基础是最重要的,方法才是真正的价值所在。任何没有基础的技术,例如没有OO思想就直接上C#,不懂美术就直接玩Photoshop,都是筑高台于浮沙,必将走向大溃败。 不要因为有了GDI就对Bresenham不屑一顾。 科技一词,轻科学,重技术。通常科学是基础研究,而技术是热门领域。软件开发人员的技术要求固然很高,然而理论的东西才是根基,决定你是一个建筑师还是泥瓦匠。 —————————————————————————— 创造的神秘,有如夜间的黑暗--是伟大的。而知识的幻影却不过如晨间之雾。The mystery of creation is like the darkness of night–it is great.Delusions of knowledge are like the fog of the morning.

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Proximity Butterfly at Reggae Bar

Yesterday (2005-6-11), Zapple, Omeya and I went to Reggae Bar to watch the show presented by Proximity Butterfly. My first impression of a barIt was my first time at a bar. I was feeling nervous and uncomfortable because I didn’t … Continue reading

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Life is with uncertainties

Can I belive?Do I believe?I really did not expect this… All in a sudden!Life is great with its uncertainties.When you experience the advent of uncertianties,you won’t consider them uncertain.Because what happened is already established and fixed.Do you believe?Certain uncertainty is … Continue reading

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