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圣诞节到了,我有几个Gmail邀请。 当作礼物吧,祝大家在新的一年里心想事成! 请留下电邮和昵称,我好发送邀请:) Advertisements

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Xamlon™ Pro – Flash Edition

Very cool! Converts XAML to swf. What will M$ think of this?

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Flash 3D赛车游戏 真的是强!!!效率高。

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Flash做的OS界面,非常cool,这可是未来web app的方向!!

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今天有了个Gmail,还支持pop,不过试了一下不能用MailClient收信。 可能是我的网络连接有问题MailClient说没响应。 以后再试试看。 谢谢dengpeng的邀请!!~ *^_^*

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Actionscript optimizations tutorial 一篇易读易懂的tutorial!讲得也比较完善,还有benchmark! 谢谢 Marco Lapi, alias Lap! 优化的道理是无穷无尽的 :)

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Her wishful face

Her wishful face And those stormy nights and sunny Friday afternoons Now enclosed in memory Like daylight fading into darkness I shall remember all my beloved things in return for my beloved Let this be my last word, that I trust … Continue reading

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