I can’t finish SICP the next year

I started reading SICP many months ago hoping I could finish it by the end of the year. A colleague told me that it was unlikely to happen and what he said has eventually come true. Now I can foretell that I am unable to finish the book even the next year. The reason is simple – I’m too busy or, more accurately, too lazy to take it easy.

Reddit reading often takes me to essays with in-depth extension beyond my understanding. Obviously, I lack of a "solid foundation" of computer science (who doesn’t ?). Should I grab some heavy text books? It is most disappointing to consult CS students (or instructors) for suitable text books though. Usually, they are too realistic to have the faintest enthusiasm for real geek fun.

I’m lucky enough to know many really good books at least 🙂 Try hard to take things easy, only then can I make some progress.

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