Introducing to Harry

Harry Shum, the computer vision luminary, Managing Director of MSRA, came to my university to give a lecture and demonstrated the latest cool stuffs from research labs. The hall was packed and everyone was excited by the drop-your-jaw demos.

After that, Harry with his retinue, accompanied by bigwigs of the university visited the Student Creative Center. I was digging into the continued flurry of prototype.js when I heard a rush in the corridor. I did a quick search in my brain for that voice I once heard and suddenly realized that Harry was coming. I could feel a pulse in my vein and turned around in no time. He was already in the room and cameras were flashing.

We invited Harry to have a look at our newly set up website I luanched the browser, explained our ideas while demostrating the Web2.0 application. They were very interested in the technology we used and the data source. Every question they asked is what I’m concerned about and worry about most. The scaling problem, performance bottleneck, user participation, data api, … Technical conversation quickly terminated because other more important affairs had been arranged.

It was an exciting and inspiring moment. However, I was a bit embarrassed during the short communication because

  • I was using Firefox to show the website (It was juuuuust too late to switch to IE when I realized)
  • We use LAMP for (I explained that Atlas was not yet out of box when we started)

Actually it’s nothing important that we are not using any Microsoft technologies though it’s superficially ironic. I admire their open mind and great wisdom. So many talented people are contributing to the software giant. Splendor!

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