Splendor in void 空虚的辉煌


  Texts in webpages shape thoughts in mind. This is how they get fooled. The web has its own way of expressing but the problem is: what to express? Content control is one of the most noticeable problem of the web. Mal-intentioned mislead ignorant people. So far there isn’t an effective way to control infomation quality so we need to keep a critical eye and a filtering mind. Lie tellers are only responsible to their payers. And money makers only care about their money. Nobody has ever cared about poor readers.
  That’s probably why our managers have had some strange ideas in mind such as
  • Tech/Skill is never a problem.
  • Only valueless things make money.
  • Nothing useful makes a profit.

  These ideas have put me into a difficult situation. I should lead the team to develop useful products or follow the fashion? The two goals are mutually exclusive though they can also compromise to each other to a certain extent. The most discouraging thing is that most managers are drowned by words from lie tellers while the voice of truth is left unheard. That’s probably why there are so many companies titled Web2.0 in China. This again proves a sad fact which have been proved countless times in history – People who know the fact seldom have a chance to speak.

  Web2.0 is only a buzzword invented by a business man. The driving force behind is unchangably bound to value – value to end users who eventually pay money. Being ignorent of the core values, a company may aslo succeed in profits in the current market evironment for a short time. But it’s only splendor in void. When everything goes back to piece, there will be only castles burning and ashes on the ground.

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