Annoyed by Ajax advocates

We get Web Standard first, and some non-standard stuff later. Congratulations, now we have Web 2.0!

Arrix says, "To a certain extend, what Ajax is trying to do is make javascript based webpages Flash-like, which is poorly done at present."
Immediately there come out unfriendly arguments and resentful eyes-
"You know about XML?"
"You ever heard of Ruby On Rails? Hah?"
"You think the web is merely cartoons with mouse click responses?"

And finally comes my question: "What’s good for users?".

I see nothing wrong in the idea of Flash/Flex and I see an embarrassed position for things like XAML if Ajax is holding the crown.
My questions follow:
When does Ajax rise and how long to persist?
There are already several beta versions of IE7, are they standard-compliant?
Firefox has fewer flaws than IE?
How many web browsers can pass the "notorious" Acid2 test?
And how can our lovely scripts leave the non-standard part untouched?
And the usability problems, the accessibility problems…What happens if I push the back button and what about my favourites?

I’m not knocking Ajax, I like it pretty much actually. But I hate worshiping one thing and swearing at whatever else. Every technology has its flaws and so does the Adobe (formerly Macromedia) stuff. I think this also applies to Web 2.0.

I like Flash pretty much, too, especially Flash as an application platform.

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