Microsoft visits UESTC

Arrix: So here comes Microsoft again~
Microsoft has been visiting universities in China these days.
Elites from MSRA and ATC gave speeches at UESTC last night(2005-9-27).
This event had kept us MSTC members as busy as a bee for almost one week. Think of those things — posters, booklets, banners and so on.. x_x
In addition to the introduction to the company there was much emphasis on job openings and basic qualifications for the hires.
A 3-good-student is welcomed to Microsoft.
  • Good at math
  • Good at programming
  • Good attitude
In addition, English skills is a big plus!
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2 Responses to Microsoft visits UESTC

  1. Unknown says:

    May be it is a good news report.

  2. Unknown says:

    We will know it, we must know it; I don\’t know ———- welcome to visit toomanyapples MSN space

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