Rules of the nature are simple indeed. But when you look into the world, when you try to figure out the interrelationship of things, when you attempt to draw an outline of the state of being, you unavoidably run into the complexity! Because of your way of observation, because of the form of information that you can accept, the simple rules puzzle you by its complex incarnations. I am not the one who created this world so I cannot tell the truth of being simple. The Great Way to Unix suggests a simple yet self-evident way of being and sneers at MCSEs. But does it make any sense? Maybe the Greater Way to Microsoft silently indicates another way of being — face the complexity! If interest and determination cannot tie thousands of geniuses together to build the great way, maybe dollars come to the help. Man struggles to win resources, to find a place in the physical and mental containing matrix for his being. Indeed, to be is to survive. It’s not a matter of living conditions because we have newly introduced troubles in spite of the level of development. Being is truly a matter of keeping your atoms in order and trying to maintain the metabolism. So the Japanese made a serious mistake! Damn!
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