Easter Eggs in Macromedia Studio 8


Easter Eggs in Macromedia Studio 8

The newly released Macromedia Studio 8 comes to us not only with a bundle of nice new features but also lovely new easter eggs.

Flash 8

Credits in billiard ball No.8

Open the Flash 8 about window, click the middle part of the 8 joining two circles.

You’ll see the "8ball" roll towards you and display some family pictures in it.





The six games

Click the dot of the i in the word macromedia and a screen with six games will appear.

The games are the same ones as before.



Fireworks 8 

Open the about box, hold Ctrl and click the middle part joining two circles of the 8.

You’ll see a slide show of animals with human face.

Are these pictures produced by Fireworks 8?





Dreamweaver 8 
Still the same trick as before – type "dreamweaver" (do not type quotation marks) in the color field and press enter. You a enter a pinball game which plays a short piece of music using your pc beeper and display a "thank you screen" in the end





You may find more 🙂


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