Microsoft adheres to web standards?

– Hey, Arrix!  What joke are you telling? Can’t you remember the number one standards breaker namely IE?
– Listen, it’s impossible to forget all the painful time spent on the buggy IE to get a desired page display.
  And I once tried web standards with IE only to find it an evil.
  But this time, Microsoft claims to conform to the standards(just claim?).
As far as I know, an 1.1 page won’t generate a valid DOCTYPE statement(no DTD specified), is this the beginning to support standards? Fortunately, however, Microsoft is clear that a tyrant can’t win the crowd nowadays and crowd means  market share. I’m glad to see the software giant taking action to respect standards. Better late than never!
Check the following links:
Check The Microsoft Internet Explorer Weblog, you’ll find many more topics on IE7.
It is clear that Microsoft will not compromise to the Web Standards Project organisation in every aspect because she has her business plans and considerations.
Here’s an excerpt from Eric Law’s post on the IEBlog:
"I believe we are doing a much better service to web developers out there in IE7 by fixing our known bang-your-head-on-the-desk bugs and usability problems first, and prioritizing the most commonly-requested features based on all the feedback we’ve had."
I believe with the support of ASP.NET 2.0 and the new IE, developing standard compliant web site will be less painful than it used to be. However, the ASP.NET programing paradigm encourages us to use server controlls and the server actually does a lot of work behind the scene. This makes a page designer unable to release his full potential to fine tune HTML tags. An aspx page is usually full of redundant tags.
Of course, every sword has two blades. It is the developer’s job to evaluate and leverage the technologies and find a best match to a specific case(poor developers:-( ).
I want to talk about the following topics in my coming posts:
  1. The purpose and impact of web standards
  2. The current web standards
  3. An ideal web application in my mind
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