The Oracle Tech Day in Chengdu

I had no connection with Oracle before and I don’t know how they got my email address. However, an invitation to Oracle Technology Day Chengdu was delivered. Surprised, I decided to go. The meeting was held at Holiday Inn Crown Plaza (I’ve never been that kind of place before:-))
Personally speaking, Oracle took the technology day as a bunch advertisements instead of technical lectures, which is quite different from the Microsoft Developers’ Day.
And Oracle lecturers should improve their Mandarin (or just use English).
I’m not quite satisfied with the lectures and presentations. On one hand, I’m not familiar with any Oracle products at all. On the other hand, most terms are poorly translated, making the speech really weird  : (
Admiration omitted here due to the lack of time.
Maybe I have to touch Oracle products one day. I hope I can know about the Information Company gradually.
A t-shirt was given as a gift to every attendee at last and weeks later I went to Microsoft Research Asia wearing that Oracle t-shirt. There was a sharp contrast between the Microsoft white t-shirt and the Oracle dark t-shirt 🙂
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