Final Exams Finished!

By today, July 14th, 2005, I have finished all my final tests of the last semester of my 2nd year in college, which means that I’m no longer a sophomore but a 3rd year student. Oh my dear Lord, how can I face the music? Looking back and counting gains and losses, I hardly find anything delectable. For the whole year, I’ve been just another little unlucky human struggling for his own freedom and achievements. Life is uneasy for most of us and those who are happy living merely lose their sensitivity, awareness and sharpness.
In this semester I’ve experienced a lot of fresh and shocking things. New thoughts have been bred. Sparkles of ideas are interspersed along the road…oh…the road…the road goes ever on and on… I think I’ve made friends with some foreigners. They are really impressive and kind, acceptive and open-minded.
I’ve almost made an compromise to the system and am now planning to improve my grading. Macromedia has announced her Flash Platform, maybe I’ll work on this platform for a long time. This year is Macromedia’s fruitful year. 8ball, Maelstrom, Breeze 5, ColdFusion MX 7 and more… Sadly this fast and creative company is going to be merged in to the much larger Adobe:( Bye, Macromedia! Microsoft is releasing the final versions of her .NET 2.0 products on November 7th. This giant, this rex, this pretty hypocritical old one, is leading and directing her developers while wiping away their wisdom and creativity.
Thank you all for your continuous support!
I will not let down anyone who cares for me I promise.
Home behind, the road ahead…
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