The delectable Flash Platform

Macromedia is the software company I like most. I would be glad to be an employee of Macromedia(now unfortunately and evilly Adobe) while detesting working for big potatos like Microsoft and IBM.

Today I’m so glad to find Macromedia taking action to generalize and organise its products and business policies in to an ear-pleasing new stuff — The Flash Platform. The announcement unveiling the new platform is make on June 5th, 2005.

What is Flash Platform?

It’s a complete system providing solutions that delivers great engaging rich digital experiences. It takes many things to be a platform. The Flash Platform includes a universal client runtime, an openly published file format (SWF) specification, a robust programming model, time-tested development tools, dedicated server technology, integrated solutions, and the support of major systems integration partners, ISVs, and OEMs.

The Flash Platform encompasses the tight integration among the following core products: Macromedia Flash Player as the ubiquitous, cross-platform client; Macromedia Flex for rich Internet application development; Macromedia Flash MX 2004 for creating engaging, interactive content; Macromedia Flash Communication Server for two-way audio/video streaming; Macromedia FlashCast for delivering mobile content; Macromedia Breeze for delivering online communications; and the Macromedia Flash Lite client runtime for use on small-footprint, mobile devices. Future versions of these products, as well as new products, will continue to enhance the platform over time.

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The architecture of the Flash Platform

Macromedia把现有产品整合在一起,以平台的方式推广,是一件鼓舞人心的事。统一的平台战略可以提供更好的一致性,使产品之间的协作、分工更明确。Flash Platform非常强调企业及应用,事实上平台战略完全是针对企业应用的。Flash Platform是Macromedia的一个Milestone。Flash开发人员面对的不再仅仅是Flash,Flash作为完整应用程序的前端。

看看这个构架图,想想其中的各个技术,不得不让人感叹macromedia真是博取众家之长的超级抄手!尤其是ActionScript的programming model汲取了Java和.NET Framework的好多思想!

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