Proximity Butterfly at Reggae Bar

Yesterday (2005-6-11), Zapple, Omeya and I went to Reggae Bar to watch the show presented by Proximity Butterfly.

My first impression of a bar
It was my first time at a bar. I was feeling nervous and uncomfortable because I didn’t really understand what people do in a bar. I was afraid that I might appear clumsy and stupid because I had no idea of what I could do at a bar 😦 I saw girls with heavy makeup and strong scent jumping and rocking like mad. I also noticed men drinking cheap beer and shouting, swaying. The bar was small, dark, smelly, unventilated and extremely hot. Suffocating……

The show
Undoubtedly, Proximity Butterfly’s performance was the most satisfactory. I know little about their style of playing. Joshua, the chief singer and guitar player, is really distinctive. His voice has a kind of power to involve and grasp your feelings. Sometimes like crying, sometimes soft wailing and sometimes gentle chant. It seems that their music is mainly expressed by the accompaniment and rhythm rather than voice. It feels to me that the music is a call from somewhere very deep. What a pity that we chose to leave before the show had finished because one of us was feeling unwell!

The audience
They are crazy for the show. Shaking head and jumping, rocking, swaying shouting…… Many of them are very empty. I don’t think they really understand the music. They were just following a very dim and unreal feeling which is not delivered by the music but themselves. Anything with strong rhythm and furious tone would make them crazy. However, there were real music fans and real photographers clicking cameras.

My companions
Poor Zapple! He was obviously feeling sick and was apparently frightened by the scene. The kid hardly showed any expression on face. Omeya was admirably open and acceptant. She was, of course, suffering from the ambience but she was breezily talking to people around who appeared friendly. She tried to sense the music and found the very subtle feeling eventually. Let her shower my compliments! She is a potential genius!

I also noticed a lot of foreigners there. Most of them spent their time outdoors around tables. I didn’t recognize which one was John. C–who I wanted to meet most. He is a creative web designer indeed.

About the Proximity Butterfly
The forum

The blog

The site


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5 Responses to Proximity Butterfly at Reggae Bar

  1. Unknown says:


  2. Arrix says:


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  4. Gabriella says:

    actually i think the bar is pretty good .

  5. Arrix says:

    Sure it is. But I realized it a bit late.
    BTW, your space is pretty cool though I don\’t quite understand most of your posts.
    Understanding needs time and I\’m usually a bit late.

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