Certified Macromedia Flash MX Developer

"To help guage your readiness for the Certified Flash MX 2004 Developer, or just for the fun of it, why not take a quick sample exam right now? "

This is what I see at Forta.com.

What is a Certified Macromedia Flash MX Developer? Anything similar to MCSE? I guess so : )

However, I took the quick sample exam "just for the fun of it".


Here’s your score …
You got 18 out of 20 right scoring 90%.

You have successfully passed the sample test and in our estimation you have a very good chance of passing the real certification exam!


Is it necessary to get a certificate? Well, I think there is no reasonable necessity if you are going to be a master flash developer. However it might help you get a better position if you have that paper. Do Chinese software companies think much of it? Who knows? A certificate  guarantees neither that your are productive for your employer nor that you’ll be well-paid. If you are already in love with Macromedia Flash Development(..oops! I am…) and want to prove your skills and review the features of flash in detail, it is a wise choice to flatten your wallet($150). That would be a pride and a showcase.

Why not take a coffee break and then test yourself?


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