RIE Interactive Community from Mocre

Now launch your browser and have a look at this really cool and fully functioned entertainment platform based on Macromedia Flash and Sun java!


The RIE is short for Rich Internet Entertainment which is just another branch of RIA in my opinion. The community is currently under development and may come with more cool stuffes in future releases.

The current version is reasonably base on an RPG engine and  largely exploits the power of Macromedia Flash as a platform rather than a 3 mins movie. There are NPCs found in different halls. And as a point of interest, I found a TV panel somewhere showing NBA games–just another real world example of flash video : )  

BTW, mocre is a company in Beijing China founded in 2004 which provides services of RIE platform. Such new school companies are pushing RIA in China to a expected high tide. The company’s homepage is also mentionable as a flash site.

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